About Us

United in the Community is one of the top sports community coaching programmes in the area, delivering safe and affordable activities. These are planned to bring together all members of the community, regardless of their circumstances.

A bit more about us…

We currently deliver a diverse range of sports activities and initiatives throughout South Lincolnshire, engaging with thousands of children and adults every month through the delivery of our core activities.

We have an excellent track record in delivering quality outcome focused and innovative programmes across eight themes:

While the hub of our activities are run from The Jakemans Stadium, we take great pride in our broad approach to meeting the needs of individual communities. We can only do this by delivering our activities at sports and leisure facilities in addition to community spaces all over South Lincolnshire.

As with the communities we interact with, the programme is ever evolving. Over the coming months we will be developing even more new and innovative projects, allowing even more people to access and enjoy our services throughout Lincolnshire.

Who We Are

United in the Community’s role within Boston and Lincolnshire is to use the popularity of the Boston United brand to improve the lives of people in Lincolnshire through participation in sport.

The Jakemans Stadium
York Street, Boston PE21 6JN

01205 364406

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