Skills, Training & Employment Programme

Skills, Training & Employment Programme

Creating and providing opportunities for local people to develop skills, access training, volunteering and employment.

United in the Community believe that everyone should have access to the skills and the knowledge they need to maximise their potential through employment.

A football club has a wide variety of occupations within it. We recognise this and are committed to working with various regional and local partners in offering a wide variety of initiatives to support the development of people’s prospects in gaining employment.

Our Skills, Training and Employment Programme is hugely successful, and Boston United and United in the Community are delighted to help support and develop people further. S.T.E.P offers exciting ways of engaging people in to accessing training, gaining experiences and work opportunities. These include:

  • Work experience placements
  • Voluntary work placements for under graduates
  • Volunteer programme
  • Apprenticeships

If you’d like more information about our S.T.E.P programme, please call 01205 364406.

Who We Are

United in the Community’s role within Boston and Lincolnshire is to use the popularity of the Boston United brand to improve the lives of people in Lincolnshire through participation in sport.

The Jakemans Stadium
York Street, Boston PE21 6JN

01205 364406

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